Meet Anastasia

Well known for her intuitive skills, and an instructor of many different meditation and healing modalities like ThetaHealing, Metaphysical Anatomy, Soma Breath and many more.

Anastasia Koutsouras

Having taught these modalities to hundreds of students and having lead thousands of personal private sessions with clients all round the world.

  • Founder /Owner of Somanous by Anastasia a  pilates and yoga, garuda studio in Thessaloniki a town in Nothern Greece since 2010 
  • Studies in marketing, advertising and consumer psychology 
  • Member of the marketing club  in Thessaloniki 
  • Public speaker 
  • Proud mother of 3 crystal children Christina, Dimitris, Eleana

My Story

My personal journey in consciousness began  from the moment I had achieved everything that the ’system’ you could call it marketing, advertising, financial, MATRIX promised to make me fulfilled., free, content and happy.

Leading a successful company, marriage, children, wealth, travels, friends and the still the ‘void’ within was growing. 

Was I happy ?  Was I fulfilled? Was I free ?

Well are You?

Having been born and raised in the beautiful Australia from parents who had migrated from Greece I was one of those weird kids that talked to trees, fairies, animals, spirits and mother nature was my best friend and company since I always felt not of this earth, not of this family, not belonging in the country and society as a migrant.

All this ‘alone’ time in nature was what helped me increase my natural intuitive skills and abilities.

Having carried around childhood trauma (of course I am the only one on this planet) all my life choices were based on these and were shaping my perception of life.

My mother was always on anti depressants  since she had been diagnosed with chronic depression even before my birth, she was never emotionally available until she fell from the balcony in 2015 after having tried to take her life several times before.

My father had a severe accident when I was 8 years old and was paralysed for a long time. 

This left them struggling with money etc and i also had a younger brother who i felt i had to take care of just in case my parents died. 

All these past experiences shaped my life and set the foundation for patterns that repeated and fear based choices, studies, relationships until of course I learned to take my power back from the “system” i had served for years successfully 

My Awakening

My studies in marketing and advertising along with my master in consumer psychology gave me all the knowledge I needed along with my intuitive skills to confirm this which I always felt as a child.

“something is definitely wrong and upside down with this whole planet”

Feel familiar?

I decided to use all the tools that this industry is using to set  myself firstly and then humanity free from a fear based life to a life based on the one and only truth LIFE is always pro life, Life is always supporting life 

Do you have to believe in life for life to exist?

Then The Worst Thing Happened

The economic crisis in Greece.

My marriage ended, my company closed, I was over 180.000 in debt with 2 children and my whole world was being pulled apart like life was out to get me. 

Total Catastrophe or maybe not.

Want To Work With Anastasia?

Creating a New Life From The Inside Out

In my heart I always knew that I didn’t want the life I was living  since it was based on previous traumas  on beliefs that led to low self esteem, unworthiness,,  every previous choice derived from these subconscious programming and fears.

After having spent 6 months in voluntary isolation and deep meditation, I was where I always knew I was .  In the heart and there I found the courage and the internal power source which was, is and always will be selfLove.

I started from scratch and built my studio, slowly teaching pilates and meditation to students. 

Then Thetahealing came to my life and i started seeing private clients for sessions  finally becoming a master Instructor holding successful classes, along with all the other modalities like metaphysical anatomy etc that  I teach I also teach workshops all over the world.

I went from debt to zero and then to growing a successful coaching business, meditation center,  alternative healing and education center which is No1 In my city.

My passion is to awaken and empower people to find their inner resources  and lead them to freedom from fear and separation to unity and Love.

Heart to Heart

Anastasia Koutsoura

Infinite Being Coach 

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