Metaphysical Anatomy™ Technique

If you can feel it, you can heal it!!

Feel, breath, release!!

Metaphysical Anatomy was created by author and trauma release therapist Evette Rose. Metaphysical Anatomy book has the root psychosomatic reasons for over 679 ailments, diseases and disorders.

Metaphysical Anatomy is a unique trauma release technique which utilises the emotions and instinctive responses of the body to fully complete trauma and thus change lives.

I personally call it ‘The Bible” because it has helped me assist hundreds of clients to become conscious of what is causing their ailments, blockages and unhappiness in their lives and it is called TRAUMA.

Metaphysical Anatomy goes back into the ancestry line and utilises the science of epigenetics and energy to shift ancestral trauma easily and effortlessly through the underlying emotions and instinctive responses.

Do you know that your body knows how to heal itself?

Do you know that your body is talking, are you listening to it before it resorts to physical pain to get your attention?

What is a Metaphysical Anatomy session like?

What’s my next step?

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