Somanous by Anastasia


What would change in my life if i knew from day 1 on this beautiful planet that I am deeply and profoundly loved and supported by life and everything and everyone?

How would my life change if I know I am already love, loved and loving?

If I never identified myself, my being as a separate ego consciousness how would life reveal itself to me?

I created this ‘space’ Somanous (body, mind and spirit as one) in Thessaloniki Greece after having moved to Greece from Australia.

My personal need to belong since having lived my life as an outsider in both countries was what gave me the vision to create a ‘space’ of belonging embracing myself and others into the love that we are already.

Somanous feels like home because here I have gathered all sorts of meditation techniques and healing modalities that assisted me with my awakening and my healing journey.

In this home we have an open heart , do not judge ourselves or others , we learn to connect with the creator and awaken our supernatural healing and psychic abilities , our intuition and super powers to assist the earth in it’s transition to love by embracing all polarities into oneness.

In this space we allow ourselves to love and nurture our inner child , we connect heart to heart and assist each other home.

Your fears will slowly fade away as our loving presence will allow you to feel safe, loved and supported though your personal awakening and healing journey.

Anastasia has gathered the most effective modalities and teaches them with an intention to empower every single one of her students into their full potential.

What you are going to discover

Through the techniques we teach and the personal healing sessions you will be deeply and profoundly guided to deep states of self realisation remembering your life purpose and regaining your power in safe , efficient and consistent manner.

If you also felt that you didn’t belong to this planet, your family then you are right.

You are not of this upside down planet you are from the stars.

Welcome home starseed

Heart to heart


Somanous Workshops

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