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Somanous Perfect Weight

Is the perfect weight a number on the scale and the absence of cellulite, muscle toning and counting calories?

How does such a program make you feel?

Is it all about diet and discipline?

How does that make you feel?

Is the rhythm to your perfect weight a never ending challenge and love hate relationship with your body?

Do you blame your body for being unhappy, alone, unworthy, unloved, unsafe and totally rejected because of the way it looks?

Really is there anyone else there exactly like you?


What makes you want to become a number on scale with six packs, cellulite free so you can find love and acceptance?

Is it you that tells your body how to heal itself when it’s cut?


So why are you trying to force all your problems, separation, failures, loneliness on your body?

In this program we will work on all psychosomatic reasons, beliefs, dna genome, traumas  that create your body to store body fat in order to make you feel safe and protected or to keep you healthy by holding toxins in the fat cells that can create more damage to your health.

Your body knows exactly what it is doing and it is preserving your life and overall health in any way it can.

We will go through cravings and who or what is craving certain foods.

what if it’s not you?

We will learn to work with meditation, breath work and exercise to allow ourselves to open up to receive our orgasmic sexual energy that allows our body to stop craving food.

We will use organic blends of essential oils to suppress our cravings

and so much  more 

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