Somanous Workshops

Inner Child

Do you know that your inner selves and your inner child is running your life?

Inner child work and this workshop is a process of contacting, acknowledging, hearing, understanding and embracing your inner child’s fear, pain and anger.

Those three energies are the ones that I have found bring deep and profound healing and integration once fully acknowledged, felt, and embraced into oneness.

Your inner child represents your first original, vulnerable self that entered into this world, it contains your capacity to experience love, wonder, joy, innocence, sensitivity and playfulness all the energies of creation.

This vulnerable inner child has been disowned as weak and unnecessary for our survival as we grow up and this leads to all sorts of problems  since it ends up sabotaging our every desire in order to be heard and set free.

If not addressed and healed by feeling, breathing and releasing all fear, pain and hurt this inner child can affect your life in many ways.

Anxiety and panic attacks

You may be insensitive to other people’s pain. If you are disconnected with it’s vulnerability you will find it difficult to feel empathy.

You’ll find it difficult to experience intimacy in your relationships for it is this aspect of you that connects deeply with other people.

You might become judgmental of other people’s vulnerability since you have rejected your own.

You might also feel attracted to other people’s vulnerability feeling overly protective of them.

The best way I have found to release this trapped vulnerable inner child separation energies  is by mothering and fathering it as your higher  divine self with honesty, love and genuine care and affection.

Your divine self is a part of you that has never been separated from source and love and by connecting this self with the vulnerable inner child there is a unique healing process that integrates all aspects and separation energies.

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