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Why don’t I have money?

Quantum Physics tells us that everything is energy 


If everything and everyone including you is energy what is money?

Truth why don’t you have an issue with receiving oxygen from trees and you have all this resistance to receiving paper (trees) as money?

What is not allowing you to receive all this wealth and infinite abundance that already is your divine birthright ?

Do you know that money has so much conditioning, programs, limiting beliefs and energies around it that are preventing you from allowing yourself to receive it?

What projections, rejections, beliefs, traumas, do you have around money that are blocking your receiving?

How did your family deal with money?

Did you feel as a child as if you could have all the money in the world?

What happened after that changed this truth?

Conditioning, limitation, traumas and negative subconscious beliefs are the only thing between you and that feeling that money just grows on trees, well actually is  a tree which is energy and so on .

To align yourself with money we must first open up your consciousness from scarcity to abundance and then align your vibrations with those of abundance so as your choices will come from the universe’s infinite menu, quantum field of infinite possibilities instead of the ego consciousness which strives through control and limited possibilities to create money from fear.

Since everything is one and energy, and the creator is more than abundant and rich with it’s creations 

don’t believe me 

look at nature, is it rich or poor?

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