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What is my life purpose?

So many teachings and techniques that answer this question from the point of view that life has to have a meaning other than that life needs no meaning since life is life already.

Do you have to believe in life for life to exist?

Once you need to give life ‘meaning’ then life loses it’s magical miraculous nature because you try to solidify and understand  life through the separate ego awareness of life.

The ego is just a default mode network that filters life force energy through negative and positive subconscious beliefs, emotions and survival instincts.

To answer the question “what is my life purpose?”

You being alive here on this planet, in this divine timing is your purpose.

You are always aligned with your life purpose either consciously or unconsciously and your soul and higher self are always guiding you through this journey called material life.

You are your life purpose and what you choose as an infinite being completely detached and unidentified from the ego consciousness of separation that needs to give life a meaning since it’s life is meaningless without having to control and  be controlled by the environment.

Together we will heal all aspects of your identified ego, shadows, ancestral traumas, womb healing and any distorted separation energies you have in your field so as to awaken your intuition to the point that the divine guidance will come with ease, grace and glory.

This is not a program for all.

This is a program for you who wants to awaken and re remember that you already are the life and the purpose.

Heart to heart,


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