Somanous Workshops


If there is a soulmate for everyone then why am I alone?

There are two kind of relationships:

Co dependent relationships built from ego consciousness & unconditional love relationships. 

Both require for you to first cultivate an embracing and loving relationship with Self.

Self Love is a deep and profound process that one can go through diving deep into the core of separation and embracing all fear, hurt, pain and anger that was caused from the core belief that I am separate from source and therefore unloved, not lovable, unworthy of love.

This creates the need for manipulation through the ego separation consciousness in order to create co dependent relationships since we all feel incomplete and unloved.

Building a strong, healthy, relationship with oneself is what we shall do in this course while clearing all past negative beliefs and associations with love, all past traumas until the core of the first separation from source.

Sometimes our past experiences caused us so much pain and suffering that we may consciously want a relationship but our subconscious mind is determined to sabotage it since it recalls the pain and suffering we went through in the past.

Cultivating a nourishing relationship with ourselves, our bodies and embracing all separate aspects of us into love will lead us to fully understanding what true loving relationships are based on.

Honesty, trust and safety.

Loving yourself is when you can fully and completely embrace and love another.

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