Somanous Workshops

Womb Trauma Completion

Did you know that your life is a repetition of the life in the womb?

All energies and emotions along with instinctive responses you filter life through, along with your DNA lineage, were embedded into you through the womb.

Was this womb a womb of unconditional love or fear?

This is a unique Somanous by Anastasia workshop that has been described by our students as a rebirth from fear to love.

It has three stages from soul to purpose:


As the soul descends closer to the womb at the beginning of life what may occur is a part of the mind/soul can say NO and does not want to enter into the womb, this leaves a sensation as if a part of their being/essence never came fully into this life.

Most of these souls from experience suffer with depression, life threatening illnesses, rejecting themselves as life, feeling disconnected, shut down, easily detached, feeling like they don’t belong and not want to be here.

From our souls perspective we receive guidance as to what our life purpose is and through this perspective we re enter the womb in full awareness. 


From the moment the egg leaves the other eggs to start it’s journey to meet the sperm and through every stage and trimester.


connection issues to how the mother felt and the identity overlaps that is created from the foetus to mother.

Generational material that lands because of the attachment of the cord.

All anomalies that are encountered through age progression in every stage of womb development and every organ that is being developed in each stage affects our overall health and well being.

Birth Process, doctors, medical emergencies and associations formed.

We’ll address all sorts of births (cesarean section births, breech, forceps birth, incubator etc)

Being held  by mum and dad for the first time.

Mum’s postpartum depression and inability to attach or bond after birth due to illness or emotional vacancy.

As the baby goes through the different development stages in the womb trauma and attachment woundings can occur in-utero.

An unborn child that has experienced any of these in-utero will undoubtedly internalise what is happening which may result in the first dissociative split as a result of survival terror ie she doesn’t want me /love me/ I may die, life is unsafe so as grief and fear can happen if attachment is not safe.

On an unconscious level babies are consciousness itself, they are intelligent and aware of all energies since we all are energetic infinite beings.

Babies remember birth, it is a big experience, they feel pain.

Our DNA expression is influenced by our environment and epigenetics is a science that explains this all.

We develop a relationship.Attachment begins before birth.

It is the experience in the womb that defines many aspects of our adult life, our ego separate consciousness, our character, habits, addictions and patterns that don’t serve us as adults are formed in these stages.

In this amazing workshop we resolve pre conception, prenatal and perinatal trauma so as to re-pattern and heal trauma and attachment wounds through unique metaphysical anatomy technique methods.

We reconnect with our core undivided self, we slowly and mildly move through gestation and the different stages of development. We get to process all distress and traumatic memory so it no longer affects us in a detrimental way. 

We totally re-birth ourselves through love. Click the button below to learn more.