What is ThetaHealing®;

“Thetahealing is a very simple and effective meditation technique that puts us in a theta brainwave state in just a few minutes and after a few times of practicing the meditation (road map to the creator of all that is) you can utilize this ancient knowledge to gain quick and effortless access to your subconscious mind and alter any limiting negative beliefs, traumas, dramas, ancestral dna, epigenetics, emotional, physical, mental, spiritual blocks changing your life instantaneously leading you to freedom on all levels of existence.

Through repeated use this meditation technique and personal development modality can change your life and you gain access to all the unlimited resources you have within so as to create the daily life of love, happiness, balance, wellness, abundance  and prosperity. 

While connection with the creator of all that is, through this meditation we access a higher level of consciousness from which we  then have access to all the universal laws and knowledge so as to utilize this pure energy of love through focused intention  and recreate the life of our dreams and souls desires.

ThetaHealing® is the shortcut to enlightenment


Thetahealing works on an atomic energetic level since every single mitochordia in our body contains this pure energy of creation (ATP) and by applying all the unique visualization techniques this modality gives us on a quantum scale we can alter on this subatomic level any given situation on a mental, physical, emotional, spiritual level of existence.

The thetahealing technique is always used in conjunction with conventional medicine since all is oNE through the creator of all that is (God is called many names, in thetahealing we connect to the creator of all that is) allowing the creator to do all necessary changes on an energetic, subatomic level while the practitioner  is the witness that brings the result into the given time space reality (NOW moment)

Though this unique technique intuitive skills can be safely and quickly accessed allowing you to improve our physical and emotional wellbeing thus your whole life.

“until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate”
– Carl Jung


Vianna is a natural born intuitive, a naturopath, an author, a massage therapist, artist.

In 1995 Vianna, a mother of three young children was diagnosed with an incurable, terminal illness. 

At that time she was not aware of this knowledge of Thetahealing. Everything she tried with alternative and conventional medicine was not working.

So vianna asked the creator what must be done in order for her to heal, having asked that question the creator showed her what to do and so she did and healed herself instantaneously.

By asking the creator what causes something, we get access to all the knowledge and wisdom of the creator, we get guidance and are given through our intuition and this connection a series of limiting beliefs, feelings that are held within the persons auric field, subconscious mind and are blocking both mental and physical healing.

Vianna developed this modality through over 20 years of consistent and constant work and readings on thousands of individuals with all kinds of ailments and diseases. 

Some got better but some didn’t so she was given more information, visualization tools from the creator to help her in her healings. She was given the four levels of belief work.

Core, Genetic, history and soul level beliefs that blocked peoples healings.

The results she was getting were mesmerizing, miraculous and amazing. So amazing that people came to her from all over the world to be healed and taught.

Vianna believes the Creator is real pure energy of love, quarks, strings on a quantum level and everyone can connect to and access  this energy.


You can call this pure consciousness anything you want based on your belief system, in Τhetahealing we call it the creator of all that is which encompasses God, source, divine energy, oneness, collective consciousness, we are all creator sparks thus we are this energy which is all around and within us.

Theatahealing is not based on any religion this is why it has been taught worldwide. We respect all religions and everyone has a right to believe in what they want. We can all access this energy and CoCreate the life of our dreams.

“everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot but get that reality. It can be no other way this is not philosophy this is physics.”
– Albert Einstein


Vianna was curious to how her technique worked so she enlisted the help of a physicist who hooked an electrocephalograph to practitioners and their clients. 

The practitioners were in a theta, gamma brainwave state while doing the meditation and as soon as they started working on the client, the client also went into a deep theta wave. 

Many scientific studies now after 20 years since Vianna Stibal did the first healings on herself and others are proving this theory that instantaneous and miraculous healings can take place using our mind and it’s innate abilities.

Your beliefs create your reality and so it has been proven. 

If you keep repeating your drama you will never reach the access point of taking full responsibility of your life and free yourself from victimhood and blame which only gives your power out to all the authority figures you have ever acknowledged in your life.

By taking responsibility you can claim back your power and utilize it to make positive changes in all areas of your life both personal and professional.

Thetahealing is the safest and fastest way to do so. 

It has rebirthed the lives of thousands across the globe, from every nationality, religion, culture and background.

It is the ultimate shortcut to enlightenment for this lifetime.


Normal duration of the session from 50 to 90 minutes.

Your practitioner connects to the creator of all that is through the meditation technique which leads him/her to a theta brainwave state  (να μπει λινκ στα εγκεφαλικά κύματα) and full access to his /her intuition.

It is through free will agency (a universal law that cannot be broken) that you and your practitioner collaborate and work together  in the highest and easiest way to utilize the benefits of a theta brainwave state and make all the necessary changes on your subconscious  and  mind structure so as you are set free from all limiting, negative beliefs, fears, resentments etc, that are not serving you anymore but rather are sabotaging you from achieving the healthy, balanced and abundant life you desire. 

Your practitioner always asks for your verbal conscious permission for any belief work, downloads (frequencies and vibrations, knowledge and feeling we lack can be downloaded through the creator) and does muscle testing on you which is borrowed from kinesiology to confirm that you do have these negative limiting beliefs before and after a belief change.

You will be asked to close your eyes while the practitioner holds a loving space for you and leads you through the process. 

You will feel the energy moving and shifting even before you come to the session (can be done also on skype) only by the intention to do so and after booking a session.

The benefits of a session can be felt and know almost immediately by a sense of neutral calm sensation and a huge weight lifted of your shoulders.

Since there is no time in the quantum field we can utilize the universal laws through the creator and witness changes on a subatomic  level in the NOW thus usually we ask clients for feedback after 2 weeks after a session.


We hold courses that are open to each and every one of you all year round. Click here to find the next one.

You can take a course with us for your own personal growth or you can take courses to become a certified theta healing practitioner and later and Instructor by taking an Instructors training with Vianna Stibal.

Theta healing works wonders with all other modalities so if you are already practicing any other modality you can use theta healing meditations, skills and techniques to boost your practice and business.

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