ThetaHealing® Seminars

ThetaHealing® Rainbow Children Seminar

RECLAIM the innate psychic abilities of the Child within.


The rainbow children course will bring you in touch with your inner child.

One of the few theta healing courses that has no prerequisites and is an intensive 5 day workshop that will awaken your psychic abilities with ease & safety through play and fun.

What To Expect

You will be introduced to belief work, theta healing meditations, to the 7 planes of existence, past life regression, empathic readings of objects, remote viewing and body scanning, shamanic journey, animal totems, sound healing, crystal layouts and scrying, telekinesis, guardian angel readings and lots more.

Taught by: Anastasia Koutsouras, Certified ThetaHealing® MASTER Instructor

Day to Day Course Outline

Day One:

  • Introducing the theta brainwave meditation
  • What are chakras and auras
  • Who is a rainbow child
  • Introducing the 7 planes of existence
  • Connecting to the planes through guided meditation
  • How to do remote viewing, scanning and healings
  • Perform mind readings (send mental images from one to another through telepathy)
  • Learn how to perform Empathic readings for people through their jewelry, objects, crystals

Day Two:

  • 2 way to scan and intuitively see into the body
  • How to observe a healing done by creator
  • Group healings
  • Scanning and releasing waywards and fallen spirits
  • Connecting with guardian angels
  • How to connect with your higher self for guidance
  • How to instantly find and change negative limiting and disempowering beliefs that sabotage your life with positive empowering ones.

Day Three:

  • Learn how to see, read, and change auras
  • Waywards, spirits
  • Are you clairvoyant?
  • An effective exercise on how to remember your possible future
  • Connecting with the 6th plane of existence and the laws of the universe get to meet a law. Feel its energy. The law of compassion, the law of attraction, the law of time, the law of karma and many more.

Day Four:

  • Learn to communicate with plants and elementals
  • Crystal scrying to meet fairies
  • How to communicate with animals
  • Drumming, totems (meet your power animals) through shamanic journeying

Day Five:

  • How to heal with your guardian angels
  • Introducing crystals
  • Past life regression with crystal layouts
  • Meeting with ascended masters
  • Crystal healings
  • Reading cards exercise sending images through your mind’s eye
  • Telekinesis exercise – candle exercise



The Seminar includes:

  • Course materials
  • Refreshments
  • Certification

You will be certified as a ThetaHealing® Rainbow Children practitioner.

This course and day to day schedule varies depending on the class synthesis and age group. 

Reawakening your dormant psychic abilities, channel source energy and utilize it to awaken to your higher consciousness. 

 This fun and effective course will change your life.