ThetaHealing® Seminars

ThetaHealing® Advanced Seminar

This advanced seminar allows you to delve deeply into the ThetaHealing® technique. 

You will be introduced to new more advanced and developed quantum tools such as trauma and womb healing, recreating a broken soul which will clear major blockages in your being on all levels.

These techniques accelerate your healing time and personal growth.

You will be making a quantum jump into the mechanics of quantum physics and an in depth understanding of the universe through the 7 planes of existence that surround us in creation.

You will receive hundreds of feelings and downloads that will speed up your enlightenment and you will feel the soothing and healing effects of this unique tool.

Since the universe speaks light language, vibration and frequencies.

This course will enhance and advance all your healing abilities and intuition both on yourself and others.

Taught by: Anastasia Koutsouras, Certified ThetaHealing® MASTER Instructor

Benefits you’ll get by attending and completing the advanced course:

You will continue an in depth journey to the understanding of the seven planes of existence.

Advanced digging for root beliefs, fears, resentments.

How to release negative vow’s, oath’s, commitments from the seven planes of existence allowing you to see clearly through the veil.

You will connect to the different planes of existence through all sorts of exercises, plants and crystals

Releasing free floating memories (memories held in your subconscious whilst in a state of shock, anesthesia, deep rooted trauma, accidents, surgeries) 

Healing the broken soul & fragments

Healing the broken heart through sound, frequency, vibration

Connecting with your ancestors through mediumship

Clearing thought forms, imprints all sorts of energies and downloading non- organic, material objects, land, businesses, furniture, sites

Introducing your higher self and staying connected to his guidance and wisdom.

Time is one of the easiest laws to bend and master.

How to do future readings, remembering your future and how to create your future through the laws of the universe.

This course is experiential, it is an alchemical workshop.

The seminar includes:

  • Three days Training.
  • Certification from ΤΗΙΝΚ (Thetahealing Institute of Knowledge). You will be certified as a ThetaHealing® advanced practitioner to pursue on professional basis if desired
  • Vianna Stibal’s Advanced ThetaHealing® Book
  • Course Manual
  • Refreshments