ThetaHealing® Seminars

ThetaHealing® Basic Seminar

This class will alter the way you perceive reality 100%

This course is a prerequisite for almost all other theta healing courses.

It is an experiential workshop that works directly with your subconscious mind and limiting beliefs which in 2 sleep cycles literally changes your way of thinking and being.

You will access your natural healing and intuitive abilities, you will experience what it truly feels like to merge into sacred oneness transcending the fear of being alone and separate from creator once and for all.

After taking this course you will never be the same.

Are you ready to welcome the new authentic You?

Taught by: Anastasia Koutsouras, Certified ThetaHealing® MASTER Instructor

You will learn and develop:

Vianna Stibal’s amazing gift to humanity and how  through her self healing  from a terminal illness Thetahealing was rediscovered.

  • How to get into a theta brainwave through meditation in 2 minutes (which normally takes practice and meditation for months and years)
  • All about brainwaves (alpha, beta, theta, gamma, delta)
  • Access your inherited intuitive skills and sharpen them.
  • Remote viewing and scanning into the physical body for all misalignments, energetic blocks, diseases, disorders and illnesses.
  • How to muscle test through the science of kinesiology for negative beliefs and change them on a core, genetic, history and soul level instantaneously.
  • How these beliefs prevented you and sabotaged you subconsciously through what your subconscious believed to be as keeping you safe and alive on the 3rd material plane of existence.
  • You will learn the skill of digging for deep, core limiting beliefs
  • How to utilize this amazing technique to release fear, anxiety, depression, resentments, rejection and tap into Self love.
  • Learn how to co-create healing with the creator of all /God
  • How to connect with the angelic realms and do future readings
  • How to truly and authentically   communicate your needs, boundaries, truths through your heart center, leading your  relationships to a new level of understanding and non violent communication.
  • How to utilize your inner resources and subconscious mind power to create the life of your dreams and desires.
  • Learn to know what you truly want through your souls authentic needs and it’s agenda for this lifetime.
  • Know your life purpose and how to manifest through the laws of the universe one of them being the most know law of attraction.
  • Gain access and knowledge to the 7 planes of existence which will change your 3D mindset and perception of life to that of your souls perspective.
  • Your soul manifested  in this real to  master matter and graduate from this ‘school of contrasts” called earth.

You are simultaneously on all 7 planes of existence right NOW.

Learn and receive a 12 strand DNA activation and a youth and vitality gene activation which protects you from all pollution, radiation, non native EMF for life.

After this course your idol in the mirror will never seem the same.



The seminar includes:

  • Three days Training
  • Certification from ΤΗΙΝΚ (ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge) from ΤΗΙΝΚ (Thetahealing Institute of Knowledge).
  • ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Book
  • Course Manual
  • Refreshments