ThetaHealing® Seminars

ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper

In this course you will gain clarity and in depth understanding on one of the major theta healing processes which is digging deeper for core beliefs and find what feeling and knowledge is missing in order to make a healing more complete.

The deeper one knows how to dig, the faster the results.

In this 2 day intense course you will become a master at digging work with the 8 ways of digging you have been taught and additional ways which are covered in other courses like manifesting and abundance and DNA 3. 

If you get to wonder why though you have changed some beliefs they resurface again and again then you are not digging deep enough.

If you are a teacher it will give you the confidence and in depth knowledge on how to teach your students the digging process.

This is the secret on successful and complete physical and emotional healing on yourself and others .

Taught by: Anastasia Koutsouras, Certified ThetaHealing® MASTER Instructor

What you will be mastering in this course

How to dig for bottom beliefs, programs, feelings  and gain clarity of your guidance from the creator  while doing a session on yourself or a client. 

How to be centered and hold space for your client to shift without being pulled into their trauma and drama.

We will spend time clearing any blocks, fears, doubts and beliefs you may have concerning your  healing abilities as a practitioner.

How to allow the creator to do an instant healing by releasing the human brains need to make a healing complicated. 

You will learn how to be an observer and not push a healing with your own energy.

Use the simple muscle testing technique to verify your intuition and that a program has been successfully changed.

Your Instructor will demonstrate digging work for you.  You will receive lots of downloads on digging that will rapidly enhance your confidence in knowing that you have gotten to the bottom belief.

After this course you will know how to keep this process simple yet get amazing results with yourself and clients.


(Basic, Advanced)

The Seminar Includes:

  • Two days Training.
  • You will be certified as a Dig Deeper Practitioner from ΤΗΙΝΚ (ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge).
  • ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper course Manual