ThetaHealing® Seminars

Intuitive Anatomy ThetaHealing® Course

Every single cell in your body is whispering, can you hear it?


Your body is a temple for your soul to reside.

Dive into your body’s innate wisdom.

Does your body know how to heal a wound when it’s cut?

Does your body know how to mend it’s a broken bone?

How does your body already know how to preserve life and what really allows it to get unbalanced, unhealthy and lead to sickness, ailments, and death?

Did you ever ask your body: “Truth body, have you ever died?”

If you want to master your ThetaHealing® practice this is the most effective, in depth, life changing 3 weeks course. 

It will boost your psychic and abilities to heal 100%. 

It was designed from Vianna Stibal to assist us into getting to know the wisdom of the body and to accelerate quantum healing on every system, organ, tissue of the body.

The intuitive anatomy course is the most comprehensive ThetaHealing® course and is a perfect compliment to other healing modalities.

The knowledge attained in this class will allow you to do a magical intuitive scan on the body and see, feel, hear, sense what hidden emotions, beliefs, traumas, the body has stored and kept score of from this life time, past life times, epigenetic traumas passed down through dna etc 

Your whole body rejuvenates every 7 years, each organ regenerates along the 24 hour cycle and circadian rhythm.

Cultivating a relationship with your body will allow you as a ThetaHealing® practitioner to assist your clients in their awakening and healing journey.

The body whispers and reveals every single cell memory it has stored from the first illusion of separation till now 

Would you like to know how to fully communicate with the body?

This ThetaHealing® course is the most intensive, effective and superior course for Self-healing.
Every 7 Years You Have a New Body
Every 30 Days You Have New Cells on Your Skin
Every 3 Months You Have a New Skeleton
Every 6 Weeks You Have New Liver and DNA

You are a miracle!

Taught by: Anastasia Koutsouras, Certified ThetaHealing® MASTER Instructor

“Utilizing your body’s innate wisdom by learning to intuitively read it’s messages”

This course allows you to fully Master the ThetaHealing® Technique 

Do you want to know how your body utilises life force creator energy on all levels of existence?

How it receives this energy, where this life force energy is stored in the physical body on a quantum level within  the mitochondria and what exactly happens to the body for it to create illness?

How the body receives  every single energetic thought form, subconscious, unconscious, positive or negative belief, emotion, projection, from the collective consciousness and stores this energy in its cell memory life time after lifetime?

How the body “works” to always preserve life no matter what external or internal stress factors affect it’s innate abilities to do so.

How exactly the body turns energy/thought into  with emotions  /biochemistry and how this affects long term life vitality through stress?

How every single organ works on both an energetic and physical level?

This course combines both physical anatomy and energetics of the body.

This course gives in-depth knowledge on anatomy, chemistry, neuroscience, neurogenesis, neuroplasticity successfully combined with all of Vaianna’s exercises, intuitive skills and abilities to “read” the body on all levels both energy and physically.

This ThetaHealing® course is the most intensive, effective and superior course for Self-healing.

Benefits From Attending & Completing This Course:

During this 15 day course:

  • You will practice intuitive scanning on people and thus your intuitive skills will be bought to a new level since practice makes perfect.
  • You will find all core beliefs that are blocking your intuition, all energies of oaths, vows and pledges will be released allowing all energetic parts to be called back into the now, clean, balanced and crystal clear so your intuition will be safely restored
  • All negative emotions will be re-balanced into singularity since we master the ‘heart song’ 
  • We will release core beliefs and static, stagnant energies that your body has stored on all it’s systems
  • As we work on the skeletal system releasing beliefs around feeling unsupported, disconnected from creator life force energy and feeling unloved, unhappy your connection and trust in your intuition will be enhanced  and your trust in yourself and your strengths will be fully restored.  Your power will be fully embodied
  • As we work on the digestive system releasing core beliefs and all emotions around abuse your body shifts and changes
  • As we work on your nervous system, all your blocks around communication with creator, your inner self and outer environment will be restored. Can you stand in your Truth and what is Truth
  • As we work on the skin boundary issues, beauty issues, worthiness issues will come up to be fully acknowledged and shifted
  • As we work on the liver all energies of beliefs and resentment anger will be shifted
  • The thetahealing heart song will be mastered so you can use it to fully embrace the joy of life.
  • This course is designed for you to become fully aware of how the body whispers to you what is happening in it’s being  through distorted beliefs and emotions that limit its innate wisdom and healing capacity.

After Completing this ThetaHealing Mastering Course:

  • Your intuitive skills and readings on yourself and your clients will increase to more than 90%
  • You will be a master ThetaHealing practitioner 
  • You will get clear on the core beliefs and emotions that allow the body to get ill 
  • You will have cleared your own core beliefs and emotions enhancing your own health 
  • Create a healthy relationship with your own body since you will become fully aware of the way the body speaks to you without having it to communicate to you through pain
  • Your connection to creator of all that is  will be clear, clean and you will trust your intuition as you will fully distinguish creators guidance from ego consciousness 

Course Curriculum All 15 Days

  • Day 1: Microbes and how they affect the body, disharmony, ph levels, new intuitive scanning techniques 

  • Day 2: Skeletal system

  • Day 3: Endocrine system

  • Day 4: Digestive system

  • Day 5: Respiratory system

  • Day 6: Cardiovascular system

  • Day 7: Lymphatic system

  • Day 8: Urinary system and Reproductive system

  • Day 9: Muscle system

  • Day 10: Nervous system

  • Day 11: The skin

  • Day 12: The eyes

  • Day 13: The brain

  • Day 14: The ears

  • Day 15: Whole body revision

The seminar includes:

  • 15 Days Training
  • Certification from ΤΗΙΝΚ (Thetahealing Institute of Knowledge)
  • Intuitive Anatomy manual by Vianna Stibal, Anatomical Chart
  • Refreshments